About Us

 We know “retail therapy” is a great serotonin booster, and who doesn’t love some happy chemicals once in a while?

The only downside of that is - the surge of fast fashion brands that create massive waste while adopting unethical and unsustainable practices. 

And that doesn’t sit well with us.

To mitigate the ecological impact of clothes, we at One Less are committed to function sustainably and ethically. We not only safeguard the environment through the use of organic fibres and natural dyes but also protect the wellbeing of our workers by granting fair wages and safe working conditions.

We keep things simple when it comes to design- with minimal, clean, gender fluid, everyday wear comfortable clothing, One Less is a brand for anyone at any time. 

So the next time you’re looking for a feel-good purchase, One Less is where you'll find guilt-free products, made with love and wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.